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About 10 Cross Street

10 Cross Street is a cultural and community centred venue where you can get closer to art, heritage, science, your local crafters, artists, neighbours and so much more, through monthly events organized around themes and interesting subjects.

* Our exhibitions will explore the past and depict the present, pose questions about tomorrow, and get you thinking about big questions. 

* Our shop aims to sell an eclectic mix of whatever we feel like from environmentally friendly products; science-fiction, fantasy and romance books; and generally fun things you can't find anywhere else.

* And our venue is open to anyone who needs a space to do anything.


The History of 10 Cross Street

Description : Double pile plan shop built with main facade on splay. Corrugated iron flat roof. Walls brick plastered with parapet and cornice. Small pane sash windows and shop windows. On street.

The Historical Society adds:
These Settler cottages were erected by artisans during the eighteen-twenties on land granted to them by the Government on the understanding that a house of burnt brick or stone be erected within 18 months. Most of the properties were, however, only transferred to their owners in 1827.The cottages form a unique historical and architectural complex which is closely associated with the British Settlers of 1820.

10 Cross Street - Plot no 21 - was originally built by John Cecil Wright in the 1860's. John Cecil Wright is recorded in Census as a Wagon Painter, and was killed in Salem when he was struck by Lightning during a storm.

After John Cecil Wright's death, 10 Cross Street became A. Shackleton's - Grocer and General Dealer - Provisions and Table Delicacies.
I have found records of A. Shackleton from the 1880's.
This photo is from 1905.

10 Cross Street, Grahamstown - c. 1905 - Photographer Denis Holland (Image Credit:
Most of the information I have is anecdotal and based on stories I have heard from people who know the building. The information below may be incorrect.
1860's-1920's A. Shackleton's - Grahamstown's FIRST store
1920's-1970's - unknown
1970's Antiques store.

Records I have found show that it was the home of Grahamstown Aerated Water, and the Eastern Bottling Co. in the 1960's. I have not yet verified when it changed from Shackleton's to Grahamstown Aerated Water.

It was made an Historical Monument in 1972 when it, and No's 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 were bought by the Historical Society of Grahamstown and renovated before being sold as private residences.

1980's-1990's SANBS Blood Bank Grahamstown Branch : 10 Cross Street, Grahamstown - c. 1990 (Image Credit: Unknown)

10 Cross Street, Grahamstown - c. 2010 (Image Credit: Google Maps Street View)

The building is currently being renovated and restored back to its previous glory. We apologize for the rough state.

The building is in a section of town called Artificer's Square.  Further down Cross Street was Grahamstown's Wine and Spirits Store. 

In the back garden is Grahamstown's Oldest standing Wall (not 100% certain on this). The driveway is part of Sheblon Lane.